Day 1717 – What Back Seat Driving With Bret Taught Me About God

This post has been brewing for a few days. I’m constantly striving to trust God in my business and life. I look at my past, see the countless times God provided for us, gave us our daily bread…which includes times when I had NO idea how we would pay the bills…and yet we could pay, even if only the minimums, and had the exact amount…or a few cents to spare. I see how God used circumstances in my life to grow me into His character. Times when it was exceedingly difficult, crying myself to sleep, feeling utterly hopeless. I can look back and see God’s hand. I can see exactly what He wanted to grow or change in me in that circumstance.

When I look at my life I see a beautiful picture of a God who loves me very much…even if how He showed His love wasn’t what I thought was love.

I know these things. I can read my journals/blog posts/Facebook posts and think, “yep, I am very loved!”

But….oh you knew one was coming, right?

When I am in the midst of these times, I don’t see it. I have anxiety. I can’t sleep at night. Being a business owner leads to a lot of reasons to doubt opportunities to trust God.

What struck me this week is how much this whole situation is like me when I drive with Bret. Bret is a great driver. He truly is. Yet, when I am sitting in that passenger seat….he apparently becomes THE WORST driver! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said things like, “Babe! Turn here, do this, do that!” Or actually gripped the side of the car because it felt like he stopped too fast/almost hit the car in front of us. lol, this is another opportunity I have to grow in trust of my husband!

But then it hit me….when we’re driving cross country and I curl up in the back seat to sleep….I have full faith in my husband and his driving abilities. I don’t back seat drive…unless it’s giving directions to the hotel or somewhere else. I can sleep without a worry, because Bret’s got this. How much more true is this in my walk with my Lord?! When I sit back, relax and trust He knows where we’re going, it’s a much more pleasant trip….we also drive quite a bit further without incident.

During my devotions this morning, I flipped to Psalm 23 and the first verse hit me in a way I don’t think it ever has before.

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” Psalm 23:1

A shepherd cares for His sheep. He makes sure they have food, water and shelter. That’s the bottom line that they need. Almost immediately after reading it, I had this picture of a sheep saying, “um, excuse me sir, but don’t you think the water is better over there?” or “Hmmmm, that sky looks pretty dark, shouldn’t we get to shelter?” The idea is almost laughable…a sheep talking back to the shepherd.

What about you? Are you back seat driving to God’s plan? Are you a sheep thinking he knows what’s up?



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2 thoughts on “Day 1717 – What Back Seat Driving With Bret Taught Me About God

    • You’re welcome!! It’s crazy how often we need to be reminded of things! I think that’s why we’re supposed to preach the gospel to ourselves EVERYDAY, because it does truly help us everyday! 🙂

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