Day 1663 – Is Your Parents’ Wedding Album Falling Apart? Is Yours? I Can Help!

I am so excited to share more information about a new service I’m offering! What is it? Album reconstruction!

It happened somewhat by accident….I was asked if I could fix an album that was falling apart. I said I’d take a peek at it and figured I could!

Here are a few shots of what the albums looked like before the reconstruction.

They had a smaller album with 3×5 and 4×6 images. Most of the pages were falling out.



They had the same problem with the larger album with 8x10s.



So I took both albums and combined them to have a mix of all of the images. We had to do a few repeats of the larger images, but it worked.



I LOVE the cover on the new album!


It was a really awesome process….taking something that signals the beginning of marriage and making it like new. This wedding took place almost 25 years ago! It was quite an honor to reconstruct this lovely couple’s album. Listening to Canon in D while doing so brought tears to my eyes a few times!

Do you have a friend, relative, etc. who has an album falling apart? I’d love to chat with them! As long as the images are still in tact and not too damaged, I should be able to reconstruct!

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