Day 1586 – An Overdue Update About Living With My Family

It has been over a year since we moved in my family. You can read about the reasons why in Bret’s post from last year. I realized I totally passed the date when we moved in! It was roughly October 16th-ish of last year.

So how’s it going? Well, it is a full house, for sure. Our room is right under the family room and everyone hangs out in there. There are also two pianos, which are practiced often.

But, besides that, it has been a WONDERFUL experience:

– My brother Jon practices worship music on his guitar for hours. That is a nice thing to wake up to and hear throughout the day.
– We have no windows in our room, which means if I have a super late night of working, I can sleep MUCH easier than if we had windows.
– My sister Jo and brother Joseph make coffee every morning. It’s great waking up to a fresh pot of coffee!
– I have lots of conversations with my family about life…especially godly things. It’s so encouraging to be in a house of believers.
– I’m rarely lonely….except when I hide out in my office.
– I have an AWESOME setup for my office! Where I am is right in front of a white board that was previously used for a biology class, so it’s HUGE! I have my goals, calendar and lots of inspiring sayings up there.
– I’m close to the NCR trails! Bret and I just went for a run tonight!

Here’s a shot of my whole family from a really really really long time ago (over six years or so). I’m partly sharing this particular one so my family is like, WAHHHHHHH, why did you share that old picture? Motivation for a new family picture. 🙂 Bwahahahaha! And because it’s one of the last pictures where I’m not the shortest. I think only my 14 year old brother is shorter right now….

Common photographer problem though….actually photographing your OWN family!


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