Day 1539 – Planning Your Wedding In Baltimore Maryland – Your Dress And Accessories

One part of weddings that I LOVE is looking for and buying the wedding dress! I’m so grateful that I get to hang out at K&B Bridals pretty regularly!

Here are a few things I’ve learned from hanging out there!

– Make sure you try on all types of dresses. A lot of times, you’ll LOVE a dress that you had NO interest in when you were looking online. (This happened to me!)
– Dresses look a lot different on a hanger versus on you. Trust your bridal stylist to pick out something she knows you’ll love!
– Make sure you give PLENTY of time to find and order your dress. It’s best to give at least 12 months. It takes a while for the dress to come in and then you have to take into account the alterations!
– Don’t be afraid to buy on the first visit. If you fall in love with a dress (if you or someone with you cries, that’s a step in the right direction!) don’t put yourself through the struggle of trying on a ton of dresses that won’t measure up to THAT dress.
– Try not to take TOO many people with you to the appointment. Sometimes lots of opinions can make it harder to find your dress. If you do take a lot of people, make sure you’re ready to go with your gut and not worry about someone’s opinion.
– Have fun with it! 🙂

Here’s one of my favorite dresses from K&B!


Also, you’ll want to take some time picking your accessories. This doesn’t HAVE to be done when you order your dress, but it can help! One of the benefits of shopping at K&B is they have an on site accessory designer, Randie of Faye Daniel Designs! What’s great about Randie is that she’ll CUSTOM make your jewelry! WOW! Her stuff is stunning! One of these days I’m going to get her to make me my own accessories!


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