Day 1536 – Whew! I Still Pull All Nighters!

12:30 Bret says the nightly “sleep, darlin!” so I finish up a few things and go to bed.
1:00 bright idea, should I send out a reminder email about a previous promotion?
1:03 email myself to look into this in the morning.
1:20 can’t sleep, so I get up to do some research
3:45 think it might be good to go to sleep.
4:03 bright idea, have a blog series pre-scheduled while I’m in Vegas at the Wedding MBA.
4:26 after tossing and turning, another bright idea to update Twitter account.
5:01 more tossing and turning, bright idea about doing more bit links.
5:10 realize it’s better if I get up so I don’t wake Bret up.
5:15 read a few library books and update to do list.
5:50 do my devotions.
6:00 weird sounds make me think Bret is getting up…nope, coffee pot.
6:08 enjoy cup of coffee.
6:30 wake Bret up.
7:50 write blog post and start to crash….


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