Day 1524 – Business Lesson Learned

I’ve been photographing weddings for almost nine years….whew, every time I say it I feel a little older! Since I’ve been full-time, I’ve realized a LOT of things I was doing wrong or poorly. Today I realized I really should have tracked my leads better. (Where they came from, how many times they contacted me, why they didn’t book [if they didn’t], etc.)

But, one of the things I love about running my own business is that I can fix my mistakes at any point. Unfortunately, it meant I spent many hours this evening figuring out these details (fortunately, I got to watch a few episodes of Once Upon A Time!) I am very happy with the amount of data I have in front of me though! It will help me in planning my next moves in terms of marketing and follow up with potential clients. It will also help me to see all kinds of other fun things. I’m a bit of a data geek, so I’m excited to analyze everything, figure out some trends, etc.

So, the lesson for you today! If you are running a photography business, track your leads. Even if you’ve been in business for a while, look back and figure it out! I know I’m missing some of the leads that came in (since I didn’t track it, I don’t have my phone call leads). Today is a great day to try again!

And as you “restart,” “May Each Step You Take Be Sweet.”


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About 365 days of marriage

I started this blog in April of 2011. At the time, Bret and I were wedding photographers and it was a way to share how marriage is more about the day to day and so much more than the wedding day itself. For about 5 years, I blogged about the joys and sorrows of the Christian walk, marriage, work, family and friends. I’ve blogged every day since a few weeks after I started. In May of 2015, we photographed our last wedding. Now, I have become passionate about simplicity, particularly in marriage, Christianity, business, travel and life. For a number of reasons, we have become minimalists. I’ve found that having simplicity makes life so much deeper, refreshing and joyful. I hope that this blog will help others see the benefits of living simply.

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