Day 1503 – Wedding Research – Adirondack Weddings

One thing I need to do for my job is continually research. I’ll buy a bridal magazine here and there to keep up with trends, photos, etc. And ok, I’m not going to lie, I just LOVE looking through the magazines! 🙂 I saw this one at the bookstore yesterday and could NOT resist getting it! My family has vacationed in Lake Placid, NY (the heart of the Adirondacks) for my whole life.


So, I now have a life goal of photographing a wedding up there! Who wants to be my first bride?!

We did do a rock climbing trash the dress shoot up there once. I mean, Bret took all of the pictures…BUT, we’re like the same person, so yea. 🙂 Love this shoot.






2 thoughts on “Day 1503 – Wedding Research – Adirondack Weddings

  1. I think that would be a stunning photo shoot. You should just so a photo shoot there for practice!! Lol.

    And by the way the photo of you standing on the boulder from a distance = amazing

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