Day 1459 – Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (And Work Hard…And Sacrifice) – Or Happy Anniversary Bret!!!

Bret and I have almost been married for four years (day after tomorrow!) and we are FINALLY able to go away for our anniversary! We have taken trips together…whether with friends, with family, getting to family or for work…but we haven’t been away just us, for the reason of going away JUST us, since our honeymoon! So, to say that I’m excited about this is probably a pretty big understatement! We were originally going to take a week long road trip up to Maine and around the northern states, but then a few things came up and we had to nix that. We are able to stay a night away and then spend the day in Philly! I can’t wait to explore with my bestest friend ever! 🙂

Four years ago:

Photo by Shawna Sherrell of Shawna Sherrell Photography.


Bonus information about this picture – the flowers are the bouquet I caught exactly 2 months before I met Bret.

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