Day 1441 – Ranneberger Wedding Sneak Peek – Mt. Felix Winery – Havre de Grace Maryland

What an amazing wedding! As a long time reader, I hope you know how much I love my Lord, if not, I need to share about that more! I LOVE photographing weddings where the couple loves the Lord as much AND want to glorify Him in their day. Ben and Lyndsay’s wedding day was surrounded by prayer and much glorifying of our Lord!

A few minutes before the wedding, we brought Ben inside and put him on one side of a wall and Lyndsay on the other. They didn’t see each other, but held hands. They said hello and then Ben prayed. Such a sweet moment.

Before Lyndsay walked down the aisle – the bridesmaids prayed with the her.

In the middle of the reception, both sets of parents took the newly married couple a little ways off from the tent and prayed for about 5 minutes over them. It was an amazing moment. To know that these parents prayed for their child’s spouse before they even met….and are praying for them now as they start their new life.


Here are a few of my quick favs from the day! I can’t wait to share the rest!!!






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