Day 1404 – You Have To Have Goals And A Way To Measure Them

A few days ago, I was chatting with Bret and my sister about how far I had run since I’ve used RunKeeper and I said I have completed over 2,000 miles! It got me thinking how cool it is that I have so much history tracked. As I was preparing for this blog, I took a screen shot of my success…I was a little off on the miles….


Soooo, I’ve run 186 miles and burned over 20,000 calories….oops! But still, it’s really great to see that success! Baltimore is 186 miles away from NYC. AWESOME to think I’ve run that far! Now, this covers about 2 years of running…but still! It was really encouraging to me to see what I’ve done in the past. I encourage you to find a tracker for whatever your goal is! There are tons of apps out there!

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