Day 1396 – Honoring My Husband

I had a great time at the beach this weekend, but I did miss my dear Bret! I’ve been thinking over the last few days just how much I love him (oh yea, it’s going to be one of THOSE posts!) I guess that’s normal when you’re away from someone for a few days and you see them again. It gave me time to think about things I wouldn’t normally think about.

So, here we go!

I am SO proud of my husband and all that he does for us.

I am just in awe of the fact that he can go to school full time, teach a class at a group gym, substitute teach, run a personal training business, do odd jobs AND work for me on the weekends.

He shoots with me, but he also does some behind the scenes work too. I’ll edit a wedding, then he’ll go through and review what I’ve done too. It’s invaluable to have another set of eyes look at the pictures.

I still cannot believe he can get up at 4:45, train a client, go to school, do some homework, train another client in the evening and get up and do it all again the next day.

What blows me away is that he makes all these sacrifices so that I can follow my dream of photography. Wow. Talk about love that humbles you!

I am so proud of the ways he has grown since we got married. He has become an even more humble man (and if you know Bret personally, you know he is VERY humble). He has become more understanding of me (I’m not exactly the easiest person to love and understand!) He has grown exponentially in his trust in God.

I didn’t think it was possible, but I do love him a little more every day.

So, Bret, I love ya man.


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