Day 1388 – Staycation Day 5 – How Did It Go??

As you know, we’ve been housesitting the last 5 days. Every time I go away, in any sense of the word, I think, ooooo, lots of reading and getting work done! I did have high hopes for this visit.

And how did it go? What did I accomplish? Almost nothing! I kept up with my blog (for the most part) and replied to emails. But that’s it! It was FANTASTIC! I didn’t realize how much I needed a break until I actually took a break! I feel so refreshed! All ready to work a short week and go away again! (Bachelorette party at the beach this weekend! YES!)

I did get two things accomplished….first, I realized I need to make a few modifications to my business…I am in the process of implementing them and I’m super excited about it.

The second thing I accomplished was watching about 1-2 seasons of Lost. 🙂 I’m re-watching and loving it! You pick up on SO many different things the second time around!


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