Day 1363 – Roadtrippin’ In Maryland or Oh The Irony!

Today, the plan was to drop off Rebekah Thorsett’s wedding album at K&B Bridals and Event Planning (She’s one of their planners now!) and then drive up to Anne Marie Baumann’s to drop off her wedding album.

I was chatting with Bridget (owner of K&B and a dear friend) for a little while and mentioned I had Anne Marie’s album (all of the Baumann attire was bought/rented through K&B!) Bridget said, oh wow, she was JUST here!!! Now, normally, this would just be a funny set of events…..but it was more ironic because Anne Marie lives about an hour away from K&B! Ooops!

While it would have been easy to get mad about all of the additional driving (that I was planning on doing anyway!) but I saw it as an adventure! On the way home I stopped by the Flying J out in North East. I felt like I was driving cross country with Bret again! Ah, such good memories. I’m not going to lie, there was a part of me that almost turned around and went to the beach! I love random adventures. šŸ™‚


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