Day 1351 – My Husband is AWESOME And So Is This Picture

As you know, the last few weeks have been absolutely INSANE. I still can’t get over how busy it’s been! I mean, it’s March! This is supposed to be my down time! Not that I’m complaining! I’m so happy with how things have been, but it’s just been a lot. I’ve had more than my fair share of almost over nighters. I stayed up until about 4 last night to work on a few things and I was on track for another late nighter tonight. Bret asked if he could help me in any way. Let me just say, Bret has been busy too! He’s pretty much working like 5 jobs (some are just one day a week or less) AND going to school…so for him to offer is huge! I said, well, we can try working on the Rupert album and see how it goes. It took a little while to get in a rhythm, but by the end we were flying! I couldn’t believe how fast we got it together! I’m just a little spoiled! I can’t wait to give Mr. & Mrs. Rupert their album! It’s BEAUTIFUL!

I realized something as I put it together….I took a FOUR generation ring shot on the bride’s side and never shared it! So…here it is! As you know, I love ring shots, so this one was extra special. 🙂


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