Day 1339 – Catch Up Day And Us With Mr. & Mrs. Murphy!

Holy smokes, what a weekend! Saturday we shot the Murphy wedding. We stayed up SOOOO late Saturday night! I intended to download the images and post a sneak peek. By 2 a.m. I just couldn’t stay up any longer. Now, realize, it was technically 3 a.m.! Yikes! To add to the crazy, it was our Sunday to serve on the coffee team, which means we had to get up at 7 a.m.! It wasn’t too bad though, we were just really tired! Church was great, then I got to hang out with Mr. & Mrs. Hotte and share their wedding images! Such a great time! I truly feel like one of the family. I look forward to a long friendship with them AND their family!

I came home and did a little work, then kicked back to watch some of my favorite Sunday night shows…Once Upon A Time and The Walking Dead. I think it was THE best episode of Once Upon A Time so far. GREAT show!

Today, I let myself sleep in. AMAZING! I LOVE having flexibility in my schedule and sleeping habits. I’m really not a schedule oriented person….one day I can work a 14 hour day into the early hours of the morning….a few days later, I’m up early and working until the afternoon. What works for me this month will probably be different next month. So! Being able to control my schedule according to what works that day is just fantastic. I was also thinking about how I don’t dread Mondays any more. My “work week” is so different than the 9-5 work week. Mondays are like my Saturday. Saturdays are like my Monday (sort of).

Anyways, I ramble! So, here’s a shot of us with the newly married Mr. & Mrs. Murphy!!!!


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