Day 1278 – Collecting Dust No More

I decided to start really diggin’ down in scripture today and pulled this book off my shelf. I’ve had it for SO long!

Little blip that I liked so far….

“Your silver has become dross, your best wine mixed with water.”
Isaiah 1:22

“But the judgment here is not the end of the story; its purpose is to smelt away the dross. Afterward, what remains will be a chastened people of God.”
ESV Study Bible.

The reason I like these things so much are because they’re talking about one of my favorite analogies. That is when the fire burns the dross off the silver, it rises to the top and then you’re left with beautiful, shiny gold. I love comparing this to life. You go through really tough trials (fire), it brings all the crap to the surface (dross), you realize what’s “bad” inside you and then you grow (the dross is cleaned away).


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