Day 1261 – What Do You Get When You Put A Bunch Of Photographers In A Studio With Christmas Props?

Today we did a little networking. Normally, I go to networking events, meetups, classes, etc. by myself. Sometimes I’ll meetup with a local photographer to travel to the event together. But today I got to take not one but two of my favorite people! Bret and Shawna! Bret is normally in class or working, so I’m thankful for his little break. I was also glad that Shawna was available too! She is a dear friend, who we call the Amazing Shawna Sherrell…she photographed OUR wedding, by the way. You know someone is an awesome photographer when they are chosen to photograph a fellow photographer’s wedding. We don’t call her the Amazing Shawna Sherrell for nothing. Seriously, I’ll talk about Shawna and Bret will say, “the Amazing Shawna Sherrell”? It was so much fun having traveling buddies into the heart of DC.

The meetup was at Moshe Zusman’s photography studio. I’ve so enjoyed getting to know Moshe! His work is AMAZING, he’s down to earth and always willing to give back to the photography community. I love going down to his studio! Ah, I get studio envy every time. But it pushes me to work towards that one day!

He had his lights set up and Kat Forder of Kat Forder Photography brought some props.

The following are a few of my favs. Thanks again for letting me use these pics on my blog Moshe!




Ah, what a wonderful day! It was so refreshing to spend hours talking to other photographers at all different stages in their business. I’m so thankful I finally started networking with other photographers over the last year. It has become an invaluable addition to my business. I’ve learned so much from the very generous photographers in this area. It’s funny…when you first start in this industry, you think “I could NEVER be friends with other photographers! We’re all in competition!” But then, you realize, no, there is plenty of work to go around for each level of “budget” and other photographers are really helpful and friendly. Ah, I am SO thankful for my new friends!!

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