Day 1238 – The Story Behind My Wedding Dress

When I first got engaged, I thought I was going to wear my mom’s wedding dress. I had tried it on so many times as a teen/young adult. Even though it was worn in 1977, it was still something I really liked. One of my mom’s friends encouraged her to make sure this was truly “My Dress.” I thought about it and it really wasn’t. It was my mom’s dress. Though, I did like how my dad smiled when he saw me in it.

So I wanted to go look at dresses as soon as possible! It was a last minute search and only my friend Marcy (who wasn’t even a bridesmaid at the time….though, I did ask her very shortly after this experience!) was available to go. We drove up to the David’s Bridal in York and started our search. Since I was getting married in the backyard, I thought the more “destination/beach” wedding dress was the direction I wanted to go.

I tried on a few…




It was fun, I liked the dresses. But there wasn’t that “moment.” Stacey, who was helping me find my dress, at this point said….ok, I found a dress for you…it’s totally different from the others you’ve tried on so far, but I think you’ll like it…

I started to cry in the dressing room as she was lacing it up….


It was perfect with the veil and tiara.


My dad had fun with the veil later.


And the dress still made him smile.


Here’s the full dress…..



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