Day 1232 – Pulling Back The Curtain On My Photography Business Goals

I have spent my entire day working on 2013 pricing and planning. It has been a super productive and encouraging day.

I have set my goals for weddings, 10-15+ total. I have set my goals for portraits 5-10+ sessions.

I have set my limitations on work. Bret is in school next fall. He will be student teaching and they say to not have another job. I know teachers who have had jobs and know it’s possible. I’ve thought about not taking on any weddings September through December…but that’s a pretty busy time. I’ve thought about taking on what I can, but using another second shooter…but the bottom line of the business is a husband and wife team who care about the relationship we have with our couples. We want to give time and attention to each couple. So, we are limiting ourselves to one wedding a month in the Fall of 2013….so if that’s when you’re getting married, let us know quick so you can snag us for your wedding!

We will be taking on as many as we can in the spring and summer…so if that’s when you’re getting married, let us know too!

I have set financial goals. I am very hopeful that we will be 100% out of debt within a few months. đŸ™‚

I have set purchasing goals. Be on the lookout for an off camera flash set up, finally. I have felt left behind in that area. And some sweet new lenses. Mmmm.

I have set samples goals. I can’t WAIT to get some new albums. I am very overdue. I don’t even want to think or talk about how old some of my albums are.

It was so exciting to put on paper my business goals. I don’t think I ever realized how important it was until now. I know I had a lot of luck and blessing in the past with my clients and business practices. But I’ll admit, I’ve felt stuck. I haven’t been able to jump to the next level…and as I sit here today, typing up what I want and how I’m going to get it, I feel like that jump to the next level is very soon.

Even if you’re starting out, I challenge you to take a day (or two) to really figure out what your goals are. How much business you want, what training you want, your weaknesses, your strengths, and how you’re going to get it all.

And since we’re talking about my business, I had to show off my babies….even if they’re getting old and can’t do everything the same as they used to, I still love them. đŸ™‚

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