Day 1226 – My Workout Buddy

One of the benefits of living in a house full of 8 people is having a lot of options for working out. It can be really hard for me to work out alone. I had gotten really good at running alone through the neighborhoods around the apartment…it’s funny, when we first moved there, I thought I would HATE running on roads…but now I really miss it! There really aren’t many places to run alone here. I do have pretty close access to the “hike and bike” trails that run from Sparks, MD up to New Freedom, PA….I just don’t like going by myself. I don’t think there have been any issues…but still, better safe than sorry. Anyways, I started working out pretty regularly with my youngest brother, Joseph. Today we took a nice 35 minute bike ride. It was such a nice, crisp day for a bike ride! I’m a little sad it’s starting to get so cold….but at least it’s not TOO cold yet. 🙂

Thanks Joseph!

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