Day 1159 – Playing in the Studio and Jennilyn’s Musings on Prayer

Tonight we were taking some test shots for a headshot session we have tomorrow. It was a lot of fun! 🙂 Here’s a few of the ones we got…

That last one if my fav. 🙂

Ok! Bret had to take the week off from musings, so I’m filling in!

I wanted to muse on some things I’ve been learning about prayer. One of my obvious prayers is for more work. The past year hasn’t given me as much work as I would have liked. I realized that during the times that it was slow, I learned a lot. It really prepared me for what I would be going through during the busy times. And it got me thinking…I think God does answer our prayers but it’s not always in our time frame or the way we expect. I think part of what really helps you grow isn’t so much when the prayer is answered, but learning to trust that God will use lots of things to make it come true. It’s the old “pray for patience” prayer and then God puts you in a ton of situations where your patience is tested.

Short musings today, but hey….What experiences have you had with prayer?

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