Day 1152 – Bret’s Musings on the Most Inspiring Thing He Saw in Texas

“Hi again everyone! I want to tell about an inspiring experience I had while in Texas. The last race of the race day was a 15k, which is 9.3 miles. During the race, it started pouring. The dirt in that part of Texas is mainly clay, so when it gets wet, it’s a mess. So, not only had it rained pretty well the night before, it got even worse. It was bad: windy, slippery, dark skies, and a bunch of lightning and thunder. It was so bad in fact that almost everyone at the race, runners and workers left the event before half of the runners from the last race were done. But it was the lady in last place that impressed me. She was probably at least 30 minutes behind the next person, basically, a long way back there.

Now, usually we start cleaning up during the last race, but not this time. Everyone that was left, which was mainly a few workers and vendors, and the family of this lady, were huddled under a tent, futilely trying to stay dry, eating to pass the time, while they waited for her to come to the finish. Since it was pouring, there wasn’t much work we could do, or wanted to for that matter. So, I started driving a four wheeler around the course, picking up the cups from the water stations. As I caught up to the lady, I yelled, “You are awesome!” She laughed and replied, “Well, I can’t not finish at this point.” At that point, I think she was about 2 miles from finishing. Also at that point, I think every other runner was done. What also really impressed me was that a guy was walking with her. I don’t know if he was her boyfriend or husband, but I was really happy to see a guy supporting his girl like that. Much of the time she was walking, but she did run some, and I know that she was still doing some of the obstacles.

To tell you how bad it was out there, after I dropped off the trash and came to the tent that everyone was huddled under, they applauded me for being out there. I was a little embarrassed. As I started eating a turkey leg, the lady approached the last obstacle just before the finish line. I was so impressed by her determination that I wanted to run and finish with her. So, I caught up to her, gave her a high five, crawled through the last mud pit, and finished the race with her. Everyone who runs it gets a dog tag that, I think says Rebel Race, but in my opinion, she already had the best reward. Honestly, I was more impressed with her determination and perseverance than that of the person that finished first. In fact, you know what? I don’t even remember who finished first. But I do remember the lady that didn’t give up.”


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