Day 1145 – Bret’s Musings Replaced by Pigs and Coffee Dates with Friends

Today I got a call from my friend Heather, seeing if I was free to grab coffee. I have to say, this is one of my FAVORITE things about working from home! Being able to drop everything and go see a friend! We had a really wonderful chat.

I took a quick picture of the key chain I gave her for her birthday…

I also showed her the blog post I wrote about her and got her reaction…

So, you know today is supposed to be Bret’s musings….and you also know it’s been a while since he was able to write a guest post….between traveling halfway across the country, starting school again, writing a book and working on his business…he’s been a little busy. Instead of nagging him….again….to write a post, I figured I would replace him….with pigs….

Ok ok, so I didn’t replace his post completely….he was actually there with me watching the pigs…

This is his “I’m not photogenic face”…

So why were we watching pigs? Well, it was our now annual trip to the state fair! As last year, we spent very little. We got our honey again. Very tasty! And we grabbed a basket of candy. That was it! It’s just fun to walk around, look at everything, try and win a scratch off at the Maryland Lottery booth (this year we won a hat and sunglasses) and avoid the shouts of the carneys running the games! All in all, a great trip and wonderful day!

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