Day 1143 – Update or Where The Heck Have You Guys Been?? or Life is Wonderful

OK! So I did post about a week ago giving a mini update on where I was. Today I want to tell you what has been going on for the last month in the lives of the Gaitans!

First, Bret helped out with the Rebel Race again, this time he went to Texas! He left on July 31st and returned on August 22nd. Now, you may remember his musings about losing his job at the beginning of July. He shared what we both feel, bottom line, as he said “It really has been one of the best things to happen to me, and I have been able to give thanks in this circumstance.” We still feel this way, even more so now. The money that he earned in Texas, a payment from the GI Bill and we’re in the green until next year. Yea, you read that right, NEXT year. Bret thinks (and I agree) that it was God just covering our eyes to a certain part of our budget and making it clear the direction we should go (move back in with my family, him work with Rebel Race, etc). God is beyond words good. We are SO thankful!

Second, the day before Bret left, a woman was attacked in her home….right across the street from us. So, we decided that I should stay with my parents while he was gone. This also happened the day after we sent in our lease ending letter. Talk about a clear “yep, you made the right decision to move out” sign!

Third, to catch up on my posts, I thought I would share a few things! So, I’ll backtrack with a few wedding ideas, a few of my favorite wedding vendors and share a few anniversaries!

Lastly, thank you to all my wonderful followers, friends and new readers! I appreciate your understanding and patience about new posts! Our lives are getting back to normal…well, normal for us…so expect posts every day again!!! We have a number of engagement sessions and weddings coming up, so lots to look forward to!!!

Oh! And here is a picture of Bret and I in 29 Palms from a few years ago. The past two months have been a great reminder of what we have…and what we don’t have to worry about anymore….namely, the long distance relationship. As Bret says, we’ve been spoiled getting to see each other every day!

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