Day 1089 – Bret’s Musings – Weddings in the Dark Edition

I am loving having my husband’s guest posts! I don’t know why I didn’t have him do this sooner! He is such a huge part of the business and my life, how could he NOT share!?

Here’s Bret!

“This past weekend, I got to go to a wedding at our church (Sovereign Grace Church), of a couple who are new to the church. This happened the day after the bad storm that came through. You know the storm that left some people still, here on Wednesday, without power? Well, the church was no exception. But so many people came together to make the wedding happen. Generators were turned on and fans were set up around the church. Candles were also set up, and though I’m not sure if they were originally planned to be a large source of the light for the wedding, I think they worked well. They gave a really neat feel. The food was made and served by people who go to the church, many of whom the groom said he had never even met. I was blessed just to be able to see the way that so many people came together to help the bride and groom. It was also refreshing to talk to the couple about the situation, and hearing that they weren’t freaked out about it. They weren’t really concerned with the problems that occurred, and seemed more thankful than anything. It was a good reminder to me that when I spend more time looking at things that I am thankful for, things won’t seem so bad when they don’t go my way. Congratulations to our newly married friends, thanks for letting me and Jen be part of your day, and thanks for reminding us to be thankful for the many blessings we do have.”

I found an older picture of Bret that I think fits his musings PERFECTLY!

p.s. I MISS that beard! 🙂

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