Day 1085 – Guest Post – Shelley Stannard of Flavor Cupcakery – Wedding Cupcakes in Harford and Baltimore County Maryland

I’ve been wanting to have some guest posts from my favorite vendors for a while now. I finally set that in motion! You’ll soon see posts from local vendors that I’ve worked with and just LOVE!

Today’s post is by Shelley Stannard of Flavor Cupcakery. You know I love Flavor Cupcakery SOOO much! Not only their cupcakes, but the people. I’ve known Shelley since before they had their location in Bel Air (and now Cockeysville), before she was on Cupcake Wars and all the deserved success she’s had. She is always so upbeat and positive.

Here’s Shelley!!

What is one thing that would surprise most brides about your business?
Surprise… How doing what we do isn’t “magic” but considerable work…! I think most people don’t realize how difficult it is to bake fresh every day (nothing is sold the second day) and to offer the variety of flavors that we offer. We have to start fresh again each and every day with 15 creative flavors for the shop and additional flavors for special order – weddings, etc… We don’t use shortening as a stabilizer so the cupcakes could last longer nor do we use cake mixes that have synthetic softeners that stay moist longer… but that’s what sets us apart and ensures a fresh, non-chemical taste!

Walk us through what a bride will typically experience working with you.
A bride could expect to meet with one of our Wedding Consultants and work together to design a cake or cake/cupcake display that fits their desires! They can choose from a variety of flavors which makes it fun for the guests. All our cupcake flavors are the same cost – no additional charge for premium flavors. We touch base again a few weeks before the wedding to solidify flavors and details. If desired, we deliver and set-up so the brides/grooms don’t have to worry about a thing!

What is your favorite thing about weddings?
My favorite thing about weddings is how each one is so unique. Every bride has a “vision” for what she wants the overall effect to be and I love how the cake and/or cupcakes can play such a vibrant role in that vision. I love to set up a display and see how it works within the overall decor and to see how it can become a focal point that gets everyone excited!

Since this is a blog more about marriage than the wedding day, what is one piece of advice you’d give to future brides and grooms?
Advice… to enter a marriage knowing it’s the beginning of an amazing union between two people that are going to be on an up and down journey for the rest of their lives. Enjoy the wedding day as a wonderful celebration of this union, but don’t hyper-focus on the wedding because it should only be about fun and happiness. Know that you’re committing to a person not to a “wedding day.” It’s the union, friendship, love that you’ll be experiencing in all your future days that needs to have the most attention!

If you could go back and change one thing about your wedding, what would it be?
What would I change about my wedding??? I honestly don’t think I would change anything. It was a beautiful, relaxing day and I truly enjoyed all the planning/preparation. The only mishap was the person in charge of the video camera forgot to charge the battery… next time I would hire a professional!!!!

If you got married while you were working in the wedding industry, did you make a change in your business based on what you went through?
I believe you can come up with a beautifully coordinated wedding (all details including the cake/cupcakes) with a relaxed, fun attitude. There is no need to stress. Most of the brides we work with are very relaxed and our displays turn out beautifully. Most say how easy the process was and in the end they are always super pleased with the result!

Would you like to offer any special deals on your post?
We will offer a 5% discount off the price of cupcakes/cake (excluding stand rental, delivery & set-up) for anyone referred by your blog!

So get over to Flavor Cupcakery and set up an appointment! If you’re still not convinced, here’s a few of my favorite pictures of their cakes and cupcakes!

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