Day 1071 – A Nice Surprise

Last night, my mom called to tell us she found a great deal on a car. See, my siblings are about to get their licenses and needed a car to drive. (I still can’t believe they’re 16. I remember when they were born….heck, I remember when my mom said she was pregnant with twins!) Anyways. She bought the car for family use…which means it will mostly be driven by Jo and Jon. So…we planned out a whole surprise….they even got one of those big red bows.

When I arrived at the house, I was testing out lighting and positioning….because I was going to get their reactions….as I’m walking around, I hear a noise….as I turn around, HOLY SMOKES! It’s a hot air balloon!!! I hurried to pull out my camera and JUST made it by getting this shot.

Here’s the bow! Oh, and the car!

Gretchen helped me test out the shot…

So did Bret…

So, the kids came home with Chinese for dinner….Josh (the next in line in our family roster) takes them in through the front door. When they got inside, my mom said to the twins, hey guys, I need to talk to you….she takes them out the front and around to see the car. Afterwards, they said mom was asking really weird and almost crying and they thought someone had died. How’s that for throwing them off track?? So, they came around the corner and realized what was going on…

Jo is just a little more animated than Jon….wonder where she gets that from…..(::looks away whistling::)

Jon just shows his emotions differently. 🙂 He was still pretty happy.

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