Day 997 – Exciting Photo Shoot….But I Can’t Share Yet!

Today I had a photo shoot with some awesome vendors….

Dresses/style design: K&B Bridals and Event Planning
Jewelry: Faye Daniel Designs
Hair and Makeup: Hair Design by Abby
Florist: Fine Florals by Linda
Venue: La Banque De Fleuve

It was such a blast, a lot of work and the pictures are awesome. I truly felt like I had shot a wedding today! I guess I kind of did, at least shooting wise. I took over 2000 pictures and worked pretty much straight for 8 hours.

Now the bad news….I can’t share the pictures yet! I really can’t express how much that stinks! I look through them and I’m so happy. But they will be worth the wait! Hopefully we can get published (that’s why I can’t share them yet)! So, since I can’t share those pictures, I will be sharing pictures from around my apartment….sorry in advance! 🙂

I do love this snow globe that I’m sharing today. It’s great advice.

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