Day 947 – AWESOME New Venue in Havre de Grace Maryland

Today I took the 52 minute drive to Havre de Grace Maryland to see the new La Banque De Fleuve venue with my dear wedding vendor friends Abby (of Hair Design by Abby) and Bridget (of K & B Bridals and Event Planning). As soon as I walked through the door, I had to pick my mouth up from the floor. There are certain places you walk into and there is just this magical moment. I had a similar one when I walked into St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church in New York City. I was just overcome by the beauty of this place!

What’s really awesome about this venue is that it used to be a bank and it has been restored to be a venue. There are so many unique qualities about this place!

When you first walk in, you can see the beautiful high ceilings and the amazing lighting fixtures.

And then you realize there’s a skylight!

The next thing that catches your eye is the old bank vault in the center of the main room.

There are a few REALLY neat things about the vault. Kimberly, who gave us the tour, noted that you could do many things in the vault. Gift table, candy bar, etc. She also told us that the sides (inside) are magnetic!! Just imagine hanging some fabric that matches your wedding colors in there! Now, I will note here that this is the only place in the venue you can hang things, etc. This is a historical building! There is also a wine rack in here!

These are the two lovely new friends I met today, Nick and Kimberly! It was such a joy to just sit and chat with them! We stayed for two hours just talking shop and getting to know one another. I look forward to working more with them in the future!

I didn’t get any shots, but this venue is RIGHT on the water! Imagine getting married in a really cool historical building and then getting your formal pictures taken by the water! ahhhh. đŸ™‚

If you are interested in using La Banque De Fleuve for your wedding or other event, check out there website!

After our meeting, Abby and I grabbed a bite to eat at MacGregor’s. It was such a great time of talking about our experiences in the wedding industry and our lives. I am blessed to have met her!

This is what I got to eat!

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