Day 941 – Keys to My Past or Jen’s Big Blue Van

Today was spent cleaning like I’ve needed to clean for years. You know when you’re cleaning and you just can’t go through stuff anymore, so you shove everything that’s left in one box? To let “Future You” deal with it. Well…I had like 3 of those boxes and a few random bags that I’ve been sitting around since I left my last job…in September…just about 5 months ago! I can now stand in my closet and almost spin around with my arms out! It’s glorious. Everything is filed away. Almost everything is shredded (I wore the poor thing out!) I redid the picture collection on my fridge (because I found more to add). I feel so accomplished. I was a little bummed out that I didn’t get to cross off more on my to-do list, but I think it will help me work SO much better!

While cleaning I found some really neat things! First, was a set of keys to random things…I LOVE the skeleton key! It always makes my little creative mind go off into some distant land where this key opens a magical….well, something!

Now, I also found something an old friend made for me years ago. First, you need to know why it’s so cool. My first vehicle was a blue and white, eight seater ’86 Dodge Ram Van. I was born in ’82, so it was almost as old as me. This van was the family van until I started to drive. This baby went cross country and back when I was 5. Over the two years that I drove that beauty, I added some stickers to it….at first it was a bumper sticker here and there….one day after teaching phys. ed to some homeschoolers, some of my students gave me a box of stickers! We sat in the van for a good hour putting up the stickers. On my last count, I had about 1,500 stickers inside and out. When I worked at Blockbuster, I got to keep the Austin Powers flower power stickers from the windows. I think that’s when it really started to be a hippy van. It was a really awesome van! People still talk about it and I haven’t driven it for over 12 years. Funny enough, it died on the last day of summer the year I turned 18. Bittersweet irony if you ask me. So! When this friend painted a micro machine ambulance like my dear van, it was awesome indeed. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Day 941 – Keys to My Past or Jen’s Big Blue Van

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