Day 847 – Maryland Wedding Photographers

Today I met with Mike and Candice Schroen to share their wedding pictures! It was so great to see them! I lingered for a few minutes after because I enjoyed meeting them, working with them, and becoming friends with them so much! What a great couple and family!

Later on, both Bret and I met with our next couple, Lyle and Lindsay, to talk about their upcoming Saturday wedding! We have known them for since we shot the Astarita Wedding last October. Lyle was the best man for their wedding. We also saw them again at the Frederick Wedding last month! Lyle was a groomsman for that wedding. So, Lyle and Lindsay’s wedding will have a LOT of familiar faces! It has been such an honor getting to know them and their friends!

Here’s a throwback picture of Lindsay and I with our rings.

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