Day 761 – Our Wedding Rehearsal

Today’s trip down memory lane takes us to our rehearsal at my parents’ house. It was so great getting married at my parents’ home. Not something I recommend for everyone…waking up at your venue and seeing all the background work isn’t glamorous. It was a lot of work. If you’re thinking about a home wedding don’t forget that you’ll have to rent a LOT of things! Tent, chairs, linens, potty (can’t really get away from that one!), dance floor, etc! It can end up being the same as renting a hall. So! Not to discourage you, but to make sure you’re aware it’s not always a way to save money! But it worked out really wonderful for us. It was great waking up where we would be getting married….though, it does make the whole “don’t see each other before” really hard! I did see him that morning! I was super excited and thought I heard my parents’ door, so I was going to say hi. Yea, no, it was the downstairs door and there was Bret coming around the corner and up the steps! I saw him, made a little scream and ran into my room! He didn’t see me though, so I guess we’re safe! : )

Here’s a pic of my brother walking down the aisle. I’m pretending to be one of the grandmothers. : )

Photo Credit: Nilepoc Media.

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