Day 713 – Dirty Toes

Today I went for a run with Kristi…love running with her (hate it too…because she pushes me….but it’s good!)…anyways…my five fingers were all kinds of dirty from hiking in Lake Placid…so when I got home, my poor feeties were muddy…so I washed my feet…just my feet….I’m really weird about having clean feet…take me camping and no shower for a week…I’m fine as long as you let me wash my feet. AFTER I washed them, I look down and still, mud in my toe nails! I think I’ve had mud in my toe nails since the Warrior Dash. Yea…that was a month ago…but I guess I have been doing lots of things that make my feet muddy…anyways, I had to share….

But, if you’re not a feet person….I snapped this one of me!

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