Day 659 – Guest at a Padonia Park Club Wedding

Today we attended the wedding of one of my co-workers at Padonia Park Club. It was GREAT being guests! Eating appetizers while they were hot! Drinking beer!! Dancing! Bret and I love to dance. Shout out to the amazing DJ skills of Frank of Friendly Entertainment. I have worked with him before at the Russell Wedding. DJs are one thing that are such a hit or miss. It’s hard to see what they’re really like without going to a wedding they’ve worked. Honestly, I hadn’t run into too many good DJs until I met Frank. I think he was the first DJ I took a card for at a wedding. Since then I have worked with some other great ones (they do exist!) which is good news for all. I highly recommend Frank! He certainly got Bret and I (and probably 40% of the crowd(!) up on the dance floor).

I actually left the camera home for this one! It was a bittersweet thing. I kept seeing things I wanted to take a picture of…but it was also nice not worrying where my camera was and carrying it around. Since we left the camera at home, we didn’t get a picture of us all done up! But, here are our dancing shoes. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day 659 – Guest at a Padonia Park Club Wedding

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