Day 525 – Funny Wedding Photography Stories

At the Bolster rehearsal dinner, which happened on 12/16/2010, the maid of honor asked me what were the funniest things that had happened to me as a wedding photographer. I laughed, knowing I had a number of stories, yet, I couldn’t think of a single thing! Most of the time the things I see and experience are deeply emotional and moving..but not as often funny. I continued to think about this that evening and during the wedding itself the next day, I got a few answers!

First, while taking the formal pictures, I was backing up to get a better shot, and Bret (my husband and second photographer) elbowed me…in the head….hard enough to make a sound…right next to the maid of honor…who wasn’t watching and missed it! I was joking with her about missing it and she said, well, I did hear it!

Shortly after, Bret noticed something on the bride’s hair…a stinkbug!…so he walked forward, went and grabbed for it and got it off her head. She asked what it was and we kind of looked at each like, oh, um, it was a flower petal! all in an effort to keep the bride calm! Bret then casually walked outside to get rid of the “evidence”.

I still can’t come up with many funny stories…but oh my can I remember the sweet and moving ones! But that is a blog for another day!

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