Day 1545 – Planning Your Wedding In Baltimore Maryland – Wedding Cake/Cupcakes!

Mmmm, delicious topic today!

I’ve seen lots of different options for this topic. I’ve even seen a few weddings with pies instead of cake! So the first thing you need to narrow down is what type of cake…or pies…or cupcakes…you like. Sometimes you can have different flavors for different layers of the cake. Make sure you make the bottom layer the flavor you want! (Since you’ll be cutting that layer!)

Another VERY important thing to figure out is if you’ll smash or not! Sometimes, the groom wants to smash but the bride does not. Grooms, please please PLEASE don’t smash if your bride doesn’t want to! She’s spent a lot of time preparing for this day, spent a lot on her dress and makeup! BUT, if she is a smasher, make sure you get it up her nose. 😉 (I was a smasher and I’m proud to say I smashed Bret not once, but twice. Unfortunately for me, he got me back much worse.)

You know I love me some Flavor Cupcakery, so here’s one of their cakes!


Day 1544 – Planning Your Wedding In Baltimore Maryland – Wedding Florist

One of the biggest things I’ve learned about flowers for a wedding is to trust the florist. You may be attached to one type of flower or design concept, but their vision can be so much better than you ever imagined. The things I’ve seen florists do just blows my mind!

Flowers are one of the areas of weddings I know very little about, hence a shorter post today! I was thankful to get an insider’s look when Linda of Fine Florals by Linda wrote a guest post for me. So make sure you check that out for even more ideas when planning for your wedding flowers.

Here is one bouquet that Linda made for our style shoot last year. It is by far the most amazing bouquet I’ve EVER seen in my 9 years in weddings (and before!)


Day 1543 – Planning Your Wedding In Baltimore Maryland – Wedding DJ

The first thing you want to do is figure out is what type of DJ you want. There is a whole range out there. Do you want someone who will be able to get your guests out of their seats and on the dance floor? Do you want someone who will follow the lead of the crowd?

I’m not going to lie, it took me a good 5 years to even take a DJ’s business card at a wedding. Not that the DJs were bad, just nothing spectacular. I will say, the first DJ who wowed me enough to ask for a card was Frank of Friendly Entertainment.

Sometimes you might want something WAY over the top. One of the most extreme DJ experiences I’ve had was with Lasting Impressions. (They also have THE best limo service I’ve experienced over the years.) I saw them put on the Super Deluxe DJ Package at the McLean Wedding. What made them over the top? Well, they had the wedding party do the YMCA…hats, props and all! The bride’s dad dressed up like Elvis and the ladies in the audience were given underwear to throw at him. Obviously, this isn’t for everyone! But, if this is your cup of tea, oh my goodness is it fun!!

Some of my other top recommended DJs are:
Dance Masters Entertainment
Iceman Entertainment DJ’s
Jenny Z Mobile DJ

In my opinion, you want a DJ that will make your guests do this…


Day 1542 – Planning Your Wedding In Baltimore Maryland – Videography

One of the things I never really thought much about…or thought I wanted for my own wedding….was wedding videography. Through a series of events, we secured a videographer friend of Bret’s. I am SO glad that we did and here’s why!

– You can hear your wedding vows again.
– You can SEE the tears that were shed. (Photographers can capture this, but there’s nothing like seeing your groom wipe away his tears when he sees you the first time.)
– You can get well wishes from your guests.
– You can relive your wedding at any time.

You want to make sure you contact them quick too, the best book up fast.

Two of my top recommends are:
Buerhaus Design

And here’s Matt Buerhaus from a photo shoot he posed for!


Day 1540 – Planning Your Wedding In Baltimore Maryland – Finding Your Photographer

This was my favorite post to write…hmmmm, wonder why? 😉

I think the most important part of finding your photographer is clicking with them as a person. You spend soooooo much time with them, it’s kind of a big deal! Not only do they spend 6-10+ hours with you on your wedding day, they’ll spend 3-4 hours with you at your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner (not all photographers do this, but we do and we include it for free), they’ll spend 2-4 hours with you at the consult, picture viewing and emailing about your wedding.

You also want to make sure you like the style of your photographer. Do they show a lot of formals, but you want more candids? Do they do extensive Photoshop work and you want to see more natural shots? Do they show a lot of candids, but you want more formals? Chances are the photographer who shows a lot of candids can do formals just fine, but her favorite shots are candids. Just ask to see more!

What is your budget? Make sure you only contact photographers around your budget. A lot of times photographers will list starting prices and/or sample packages. If your budget is under what’s listed on their website, it might not be worth contacting them. Now, if you LOVE their work, maybe ask if they have some options for you. Some photographers allow you to order prints, albums and DVDs after the wedding. The only downside to this is that the pricing might go up when you’re ready to order. By purchasing everything before the wedding, you can lock in the current prices.

Harsh truth – most photographers will require the full balance before the wedding. Some photographers will let you do a payment plan.

Make sure you start looking for your photographer soon! Some photographers book very quickly! This is especially important if you are getting married on a popular date!

Do you want someone fun? Well, that’s us!