Day 2420 – How To Actually Get Everything Done – or – To Do List Systems – or – My 2016 Goals And How I Will Meet Them

One of the things I love to learn about is organizing systems and how to actually get your work done. I’m not big on “New Year’s Resolutions” but I did take some time to create goals for myself for the coming year…even though that didn’t happen until mid-January….and I haven’t really started actively implementing them until the last few weeks.

I approached creating my goals with my bible. I had a few ideas in mind for what I wanted out of the year but God gave me better ones.

Here are my personal 2016 goals:
Get “away” with God more often (Luke 22:39)
Declare how much God has done (Luke 8:39)
Don’t mentally plan out conversations (Luke 21:12-19)
Love others more deeply (John 13:34-35)
Fill my heart with more of God’s word (Matthew 12:34b)
Be more childlike in faith and life (Matthew 18:4)
Be more giving (Matthew 5:42)

These were things God spoke to my heart to grow in this year. Some are easy to track and see progress. I can look at my checkbook and see if I’m being more giving. I can have Bret quiz me and see if I remember more verses than before. Others are harder to track. But they are my goals.

I have some business and personal goals ranging from learning more systems and streamlining more things to going away with Bret and reading 20 fiction books.

Let me give you the biggest mindset shift and biggest secret I’ve recently learned about managing my life and to do’s.

There is no set system and it will constantly change.

This idea seriously changed my life. It’s easy for me to try a new system (like a big board and using post it notes under headers or a sticker check off or a rewards system) but then fall short after using it for a month…or a week…or a few days. There’s a perfectionist/completionist side of me that wants something set up and not have to worry about it. So, again, this idea was music to my ears and really rather freeing.

Another big change for me was realizing I could create a hodge podge system that worked for ME. It has allowed me to pick and choose what works for me and toss what isn’t at any given time.

Here’s what does my current hodge podge looks like.

I printed out my goals and put them in prominent places

I read about the importance of putting your goals out front and center in Mind Hacking by Sir John Hargrave. Specifically, he mentioned putting your goals in the bathroom. So, I have my goals hanging up so I can see them when I’m sitting on my throne. If I’m working from home, I’m seeing my goals a lot. I also have a print out on my to do list clipboard.

Master to do list

For years now, I’ve had a master to do list on a clipboard. It used to be about 10 pages long…but that’s not really practical. I reformatted it down to one page, a layout of the current week, and various more pressing, but not super time sensitive to do’s at the bottom. This is where I list out what day of marriage it is. It’s also in a landscape format because a week fits better that way.

Work and personal to do’s

I use Google calendar for organizing my to do’s for one client, Asana for the other client and Outlook/iCal for my personal to do’s and events. On Outlook I have recurring reminders to pay certain bills, renew my library books, check availability of books, etc. Weekly, I’ll check my Outlook/iCal and redo my to do list.


I’ve been using an iPhone for several years now, but only JUST started using reminders. What I love about reminders is that they will stay on my lock screen until I’ve taken care of them. I used to use tasks/reminders with iCal, but if I didn’t take care of it, it was gone. I love that I can tell Siri to remind me to do something on such and such day. It’s also great using the location reminders so I don’t forget things like feeding the meter or taking something with me when I leave.

Goal check offs/tracker sheets

This is new for me. I created checklists for my goals. So once a week, when I’m redoing the master to do list, I’m filling in each week/month on the checklists. I’m noting how many books I read that week, how many times I worked out, etc.




Daily to do list

This is brand spankin’ new to my system, meaning TODAY new! Last night while falling asleep, I had the idea of re-framing my to do list. Instead of saying something like – post on Facebook, do devotions, follow up with this friend or that, I list the task under my goal. So my to do list today is on a white note pad. I write: fill my heart w/God’s word/read whole bible and underline it. Then I add the tasks – journal – read a few chapters. Under the goal “create more systems/streamline processes” I have – sign up for trial for CRM – go through iPhone. (lol, I’ve become OCD about having all of my apps on one screen! I’m also trying to be good about backing up my photos to my photo proofing site.

So there you have it! I realize my system might be crazy overwhelming and seemingly discombobulated, but it makes sense to me, I get things done and I adapt/change/delete as necessary. 🙂

What system or systems work for you to keep track of everything?