Day 2033 – The Story Behind Bret’s Guinness World Record – I Need Your Help!!!!

Ok, I’ve been SUPER excited to share the behind the scenes story of Bret’s Guinness World Record attempt. He’s written up a wonderful post, but there’s a problem….it’s like 8 pages long on a Word document. Instead of guessing how y’all want to read it, I figured I’d leave it up to you! Please vote and let us know which you prefer! I will say, that when I read the post, it brought me to tears. Bret did a great job of summing up the last two plus years and all the training that went into the attempt.


Day 1997 – That Time Bret Tried To Break A Guinness World Record Again

Last year, Bret attempted to break a Guinness World Record. For reasons I’ll let Bret explain when he can write a guest post about all this, he did not break the record last year.

He’s gone back and forth if he’d try again, but the idea to carry his dad came up and he almost couldn’t say no. Today, he tried it again AND broke the current record AND his last attempt.

He finished with a time of 10:21. We have to send in all the documentation for the official “you broke the record.”

Here are a few pictures from the back of my camera.




Maybe I’ll try some day? Ha, no way, I can’t do a 10 minute mile without someone on my back. 🙂


I am so proud of you Bret!


Day 1569 – Bret Broke A World Record Today (Unofficially)

The record Bret was trying to beat was the Guinness World Record for the fastest fireman’s carry. This means he has to carry someone over his shoulders, without putting them down, for a mile. The current record is 11:29. Today, Bret destroyed that record and ran it in 10:28. We have to send all of the evidence (video, photos, witness statements) to Guinness before it’s official.

I am so proud.