Day 2291 – How To Read More/Listen To More Podcasts/And All Around Get More Done

A few days back, I watched a great video on FightMediocrity. This guys does animations on books and I’ve really enjoyed learning from books I may not read on my own. One of the suggestions he shared from a book was playing audio books at a higher speed. So if you have a 10 hour book, on speed 2x and a half an hour commute, you’ve listened to one book in a week. Today I tried it out on a podcast and holy smokes, it worked. I listened to an hour podcast in half an hour and I still processed what I was said – faster. I did pause it at one point to write down a note and, no lie, I felt like I was writing in molasses. I felt SO SLOW! But it was a great experiment in fast learning.

It’s a lot like Spritz that will allow you to read websites faster. This is something I really need to use more, especially when reading articles and blog posts online. You can set the speed and rewind if necessary. I just read an article at 250 WPM and I was done in about a minute and a half.

But I will say, there are some things I LOVE learning slow. Nothing beats holding an actual book and turning the pages. But if it’s on a topic that I know really well and will repeat a lot, why not use a tool that will help me get the new knowledge faster?

Have you found any tools that help you learn faster?


p.s. This is an old image, but a great book!


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